19 January 2012

An Introduction

Welcome to the Middletown Web Challenge!

Have you ever looked at a project/a lesson/any assignment you used in class and thought "I wonder if there is a better way to do this?" or "If I look at another PowerPoint, I am going to scream."  You may have gone to Google, done a search to see if you could find another teacher's website to get ideas from and have been so overwhelmed by the 1.3 million hits that you just gave up and went back to the way you did it before.  Well, this blog is here to help you.

We have compiled 20 different learning resources for you to try out in your classroom ranging from animation software to podcasting to online whiteboards to Google Apps.  Each tool was chosen for three reasons: ease of use, their extremely low price (aka free) and the fact that they can be used to have an immediate positive impact on your class. Each post will contain a description of what that particular tool does, how you can use it with your classes and examples of how others are using it.

Each time you use a tool, we would like you to make a comment at the bottom of the page for that tool describing how you used it and what your overall impression was about how effective it was in improving learning and teaching in your classroom.  By leaving a comment, you will help everyone who views this blog have a better understanding of how each tool can be used in schools.  Sometimes by seeing the' responses of others, it will spark in you an idea for a project you might never have considered.  Additionally, (and this is the best part) every time you leave a comment, your name will be entered into a raffle to win...

Are you ready for this??

Ok, it's actually a surprise right now.  The Superintendent is in the process of obtaining a very nice item for each school to be raffled off at the Middletown Web Challenge Reception to be held on Friday, 3/2, in the Commons at Middletown South.  Once it is official and the devices have been purchased, we will send out the specifics.  Sorry, but only district employees are eligible to win.

The first post of this challenge will be displayed on Wednesday, February 1st.  Before you can begin, however, you need to setup your Google profile.  Here is a video walking you through the setup:

You need to have your profile set up so that your information will appear with your comments.  Otherwise, how will we know who is using the blog and who to enter into the contest?  Thank you so much for participating and we look forward to collaborating with you all throughout the month!

Your Technology Integration Team

PS:  On a related note, if you find value from reading blogs you are going to want to start using Google Reader to track your blogs as they are updated.  Here is a video explaining Google Reader.

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