16 February 2012

Day Twelve: Evernote

The Evernote family of products includes Evernote, Skitch, Hello, Food, Clearly, Peek (iPad only).

These product tutorials are for the Evernote product itself (in which ideas, projects and experiences can be remembered across all the computers, phones and tablets you use).

Evernote is a tool that can be used for simple recording notes as well as complex organization of  notes using multimedia. I use Evernote to quickly collect ideas, organize ideas into projects and cite sources. Evernote can be customized to the way you work - create notes, attach documents, save pictures, record audio and even video.

This is a new site just for students and educators using Evernote.

Evernote tutorials are available at Evernote Tutorials and include videos! Also check out the Evernote Trunk which includes explanations and links for Skitch, Evernote with Twitter, and Evernote Hello which creates Evernote profiles using your phone so you never forget important details of people you meet.

Quick Evernote for Mac intro

Quick Evernote for Windows intro

Evernote for iPad Overview--Play Video

Evernote for iPhone and iPod Touch--Play Video

Evernote for Android--Play video

A tips and tricks blog can be found at Evernote Tumblr and is a good resource for practical solutions using Everynote.

More resources (and experiences) from other sources on Evernote are:
JD's Picks  Evernote Tutorial Saturday, January 21, 2012
--Evernote Tutorial Video

Why I Love Evernote: The Student Perspective

Evernote for Blogging

Evernote for students

Evernote for the iPad


  1. My 8th grade is writing a research paper and I was having a difficult time trying to organize their work. I had each student open an Evernote account. They created an 8th grade research paper notebook and downloaded the app on their phones, Kindles, and Nooks. It has been such a valuable tool for organizing their research and keeping track of their on line sources. I meet with them to go through their notes and we eliminate what doesn't apply to their thesis.

  2. I am excited to learn about evernote at our inservice tomorrow!!

  3. While this application seems like a great organizational tool you have to have access to a computer or other digital device to access your notes. If we, as educators, figured out a way to control cell phone use and limit it to school applications and/or if every student had an iPad or other tablet device I could REALLY see students using this as their virtual loose-leaf binder.

  4. I love this idea! This seems to really streamline Internet research while minimizing paper use...I find that my students print out so many different articles while working on a project, and this would allow them to organize easily and digitally. (Not to mention, I could really use this for my graduate assignments...) "vegar" has an excellent point; it is difficult to monitor student phone use, but I will definitely try this out the next time my class is researching in the computer lab.

  5. I started with Evernote a while back and never really used it. I gave a second look recently, and finally combined all of my sticky notes/notepad files, and reminders that exist on my school computer, home computer, and phone so that they are all accessible in evernote. I'll have to look into the new edu service.

  6. Definitely sounds like a Green Earth paper saver for student research and for us as well. As I am getting older I find that being organized and making lists and notes help to make my life easier. This might be an all-in-one solution for organizing lots of info!

  7. Anything that can help me organize all of my to-do tasks sounds great to me. This is something I need both at work and at home. As I delve further into these digital tools, I do see some overlap in functions. It would be great for us to make a chart showing the desired function and which web tool(s)would best meet that requirement. Meanwhile, I intend to try them all and see which of them work best for my needs.

  8. I use this so I can have video clips at my fingertips. I hate starting a lesson and trying to remember where I saved a link. Even if I store them in Edmodo I have to log in and find the folder to retrieve them. This is so quick!
    Another feature I love is that you have the ability to take snapshots of and store all of you receipts. The store can use the bar code on them to verify an order if there is an issue. Receipts are usually bulging out of my wallet.
    I can remember carrying around all those index cards with quotes and notes on them in college along with the Bibliography cards. It is amazing how this can store them and give you access to them at any time. So much better.

  9. I just stated my account and saved a few links. I will definitely introduce the students to this site, when they are working on a project!

  10. Great tool to help keep everything organized. I will definitely explore this app further so I can use it both at school and for my own personal use.

  11. Going to have my students use evernote instead of index cards for our research tomorrow on the Iditarod! Any Gary Paulsen fans would love this! I linked symbaloo to my web site with all the links for the various topics the kids will be exploring!

  12. I came across this blog post by Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) about using Evernote. Here is the link http://goo.gl/r3WTR. He follows it up with how to make Evernote even better. Between the two you can find over a dozen different ways for using Evernote both for personal productivity and with your students.