19 February 2012

Weekend Update 3

It has been a very impressive month for the Middletown Web Challenge Blog.  Not only have some great tools been posted through the collaboration of the Technology Integration Teams, but the overwhelming support from the staff has been phenomenal.  As we have done the past 2 weekends, here are some of the statistics:

Total Number of Page Views:  4180
Total Number of Comments:  301
Average Number of Views Per Post:  278.7
Web Tool With the Most Comments:  Blogger (51 comments)
Number of Continents Viewing Blog:  4

We are slightly more than halfway through the challenge and we are looking for an even more impressive 2nd half.  Coming soon will be posts on Google Apps, Twitter, WeVideo and much more.  Please continue to view and comment on everything you are learning.  Remember that every comment you make will enter you into the contest to win the very special prize at the end.  You know, it's about time we stop beating around the bush and just tell you what you can win.  Dr. George has purchased a beautiful, brand new...
But, as they say "You must be in it to win it!" so keep those comments coming.  Now, a word from our sponsors.

Archipelago Learning just signed on as one of our sponsors and some of their products will be given away as prizes at the end of the Web Challenge.  Archipelago brings us such great programs as Study Island, and Northstar Learning.  These programs provide in-depth and varied methods for practice and assessment in different levels of learning for both math and English classrooms.  Focused on a standards-based approach to assessment, Study Island helps students tailor their guided practice around topics and skills that will help them be successful both in class and on state standardized tests like the NJASK and HSPA.  From their website 

"Since 2000, Study Island, from Archipelago Learning, has been building and marketing online, state standards-based learning programs that are the most effective and easiest to use of their kind. Our in-house technical development and content teams design and create our programs, which are then sold to schools on a subscription basis through our direct sales force. Used by millions of students in thousands of schools across the United States, all of our programs are built specifically from state standards and are designed to create a very user-friendly experience for both students and teachers alike."

We greatly appreciate the support of Archipelago Learning in the advancement of learning for both students and staff in Middletown!


  1. After Friday's workshop, I decided to incorporate Animoto as a tool for my students to use in their Commercial Project. They write commercails answering the question, "Why do we need Pre-calculus? This is a great tool because the text is limited to thirty words so it is a real challenge to keep it brief! Love it! Joanne

  2. I don't know how I missed the Middletown Web Challenge until I got a reminder email from Mr. Rinella today. I'm usually on top of this stuff. Great set of information. Thank you to the technology integration team and the contributors!

  3. This has all been a very good learning experience. But of course, it just opens the door for all kinds of possibilities. For me, integration of the technology and merging with disciplines is key. I am particularly interested in launching a reading campaign starting out with the many ways we can use technology to support and encourage reading. Also, for people who considered themselves novices, it is important that we be ready and willing to follow up this Web Challenge introduction with further support and step by step application as they request it.

  4. Can we have one IPAD per school please? LOL :-)

  5. I have really enjoyed receiving so much information in such a short period of time...although not all of the featured applications would be helpful in my particular subject, with this many choices, everyone can find something to use!

  6. iPads would be so very helpful in the classrooms!

  7. I have really been enjoying these introductions to programs that I haven't had time to discover for myself. I can envision using them in my classroom in many different ways and even the ones I haven't discovered ways to use yet are interesting to think about!

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